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Awards Carinthian Architecture Prize  2010 / Mies van der Rohe Nominiation 2011 / EU Green Building Certification 2011 / Austrian Client Awards 2011

project type general hospital and service center

location Klagenfurt, AUT

client KABEG

architecture Dietmar Feichtinger / priebernig."P" / Müller & Klinger / Architects Collective AC

landscape Idealice, Alice Größinger

structural consultant FCP / Ertl, Horn & Partner

HVAC planning ZFG Projekt

electrical planning TB Hartl / EPG

medical technology DI Karl Zach / Dr Kuettner & Wenger

completion 2010

gross floor space 95.000 m²

construction costs € 314.000.000

The architectural concept plays an essential role in defining and organizing this modern hospital. Optimized facilities and advanced medical technology set the State Hospital Klagenfurt apart as an innovative and pioneering hospital. The system consists of a surgical-medical center with comprehensive outpatient units, 14 operating theaters, 600 beds and a supply and recycling center consisting of a central kitchen, pharmacy, laboratory, sterilization and laundry facilities. The sleek, horizontal character of the building structure is reinforced by two main access routes: the curved pathway for visitors from the north and the straight pathway, which divides the examination and treatment areas. Large, multi-storey glass facades give the waiting area zones an open and welcoming character; like the bright colors in the interior of the building. The carefully landscaped and structured courtyards are fully accessible and serve to divide the building and to let in light and natural views.