project type renovation and addition of a school

location Zell am Ziller, AUT

client Hauptschulverband Zell am Ziller und Umgebung Immobilien KG

planning phases pre-design, design, code review, construction details and detail planning

site area 21.000 m²

capital costs  € 9.500.000

invited competition 1st prize

completion 2013

architecture planning Architects Collective / Bernard Eder

The extension of the existing school-building faces the centre of the town. Besides the focus on teaching the new school and club center will put a focus espcially on public activities. With the auditorium for concerts and events, new spacious lobbies for manyfold purposes as well as the permeability of the building and the orientation of semi-public areas towards the town an addition to social value will be created. The lowering of the common areas help reducing the visible massing of the building complex. By means of clearly defined and readable functional areas a concise appearance of the building and a appreciation of the outdoor spaces is sought. The interiors are kept as transparent and generous as possible in all parts of the building. The expansion of the schools functions are logically and easily connect to the existing building. Access to the existing primary school will be adjusted - a spacious foyer with a view into the gym is created. The functional areas of the Polytechnic School will be combined, with the elevator on the north facade of the existing school all levels will be accessible for disabled people. The functional concept of the existing floor plans will be adopted, the main functional areas of the school will be rearranged, and for disabled minimal length paths will access the existing and the new building. Airspaces at the ends of the workshopspaces bring daylight from above straight down to the gym, which is additionally illuminated from the east. The gym and locker rooms all receive natural light and air over skylight windows. With the generous roof terrace the built up area is compensated, it serves as a recreation area and open class area as well as for events (panoramic terrace) and is externally accessible. The sports hall and the gymnastics areas are located in close proximity to each other. The climbing wall is located at the northern end of the gymnastics hall and is up to 12 metres high. The rooms are not mono-functional areas, they are compatible with the existing infrastructure for various events of different users.