The Leitz vineyard in Geisenheim in the Rheingau wineregion is one of the international representitives for German Riesling. The task was to transfer the office and tasting and presentation rooms to the production site in Rüdesheim in order to simplify operations and to provide a high-quality sales and representation event space. On the existing 2,000 m2 gray and silver technical production halls we placed a dark gray slate block, which takes up different orientations and functions as a new center. The mostly steep soils in the Riesling vineyards consist of broken slate and silvery quartzite. This geological contrast was implemented in the architectural concept. From the large tasting room towards the west you can see all the top vineyard sites with the famous slobes of the Schlossberg, Rottland and Kaisersteinfels. At the end of the open entry stairs you get a round view in direction Rüdesheim to the home village of the family. The 300 m2 extension offers an event room with a tasting table for 26 persons and an open kitchen, bar and terraces as well as office space for 6 persons.