project type Construction and remodelling of an office complex while in operation

location Vienna, AUT

client S+B Gruppe AG

architecture Müller & Klinger ZT-GmbH / Architects Collective AC ZT-GmbH, Architekt DI Franz Riedl / Hoffmann & Beck ZT-GmbH

structural consultant  Werner Consult ZT-GmbH 

floor area 42.000 m²

competition 1st place 2002

planning 2003-05
completion 2007

construction costs € 32.000.000

One of the largest office buildings in central Vienna, this building consists of the conversion of an existing building and the addition of 30,000 square meters. The environmentally conscious building design offers a high degree of flexibility and meets the highest requirements of tenant expectations. By partially demolishing the opposite building, a spacious courtyard with street planting and furniture is produced. The block boundaries are converted into green courtyards, forming a wide range of garden areas and covered passageways. The inclusion of two existing buildings creates additional attractive office space for rent. The main structural organization, entrance locations, building depth, and building services allows for the flexibility of many future uses and organizational typologies for the building.