project type construction of a housing complex

energy standard passive house

location Vienna, AUT

architect Architects Collective

gross floor area 10.000 m2

feasibilty study 2009

Nine four-to-six storey irregular structures are located on the property. An underground garage spanning the entire site allows for the ground floor to be completely free of cars. The arrangement of the individual residential buildings allows for a curved main pathway which forms two sunny open areas and a series of passageways that run through the property as well as playgrounds and community gardens. The first four floors consist of subsidized housing units with different housing types and floor areas between 65 and 140 m². Some of the apartments are equipped with two floors and balconies. The 5th and 6th levels are privately financed apartments with spacious living terraces. The existing warehouse building in the grounds of the housing estate is more than 400 year old and once the headquarters of Napoleon's troops during the siege of Vienna. It will now be used to house a nursery and offices.