project type construction of a housing complex

location Vienna, AUT

architect Architects Collective

gross floor area 7.300 m2

competition 2011

The project is part of the expansion of the City of Vienna towards the east and offers different population groups a variety of interesting opportunities for housing in this young part of the city. The housing development aims to create affordable housing surrounded by green space with differentiated open spaces and to promote diverse ways of housing and lively neighborhoods with different types of communal spaces. Through the arrangement of five building structures, three different spaces are created that are in contrast to the surrounding single family structures. These public spaces consist of a new open space along the local main street that functions as a neighborhood meeting place, an "intimate courtyard" that is associated to communal rooms such as a bicycle repair shop, function room and kitchen as well as a sunken park with play areas that is oriented to one of the city´s outer green belts. The five buildings with a total of 77 apartments are structured of two different housing typologies, an arcade-type in the Southeast and three compact volume buildings with six apartments and a central access corridor.