project type construction of an office tower

location Vienna, AUT

client ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG

architect Architects Collective

gross floor area 43.000 m²

construction costs € 86.000.000

The new ÖBB's headquarters in Vienna are situated next to the new main railway station and contains an office building with conference facilities and shops. The north of the site houses a compact 88 m high tower with the central service core and surrounding office space. To the south lies a 35 m high building block with a central service core and office spaces that are be linked continuously with the office tower. The 2-storey, 10 m high base consists of a foyer with a glass roof that is naturally ventilated and lit. This base includes the staff restaurant and a series of stores and shops. Through the arrangement of two cores it is possible to rent some office spaces to other users. The conference level is in the middle of the building and enables easy access to the office space and is connected to the foyer by several major elevators. This level is the communication platform within the ÖBB and the contact to the outside world. It is located at 35 m height, has a 360° view of Vienna and a number of medium and small conference rooms with breaks and informal meeting areas and a terrace to the south.