awards 2nd prize

project type construction of an office building

energy standard Passivehouse

location Tirschenreuth, GER

client Staatliches Bauamt Amberg-Sulzbach

architect Architects Collective

floor area 3.300 m²

construction costs € 9.240.000

The building is designed as a square opened towards the southeast to mark the main entrance and to generate a visual conection to the center. The building shape is in many respects advantageous for the project. Considering the building energeticaly the buildings surface is small in proportion to its floor area. Simultaneously, the circular arrangement of ways through the building allows short distances inside the building and circulation without dead ends. The building will be constructed to passive house standard in accordance with guidelines of the PHI including a highly energy efficient and controlled ventilation system with heat recovery of more than 80%, resulting in a high air quality is achieved through hygienic air exchange. To the east of the site parking and bicycle parking spaces are located from  where the building is publicly accessible. A porch and a multi-story glass surface highlights the main view. The courtyard is the spatial and atmospheric heart of the building equipped with trees, shrubs and grasses planted. It is used for natural lighting and eye-catching for the office spaces and furthermore offers accommodation facilities such as a terrace which is assigned to the dining area. In addition, the courtyard serves as a guide for visitors inside the building because it is visible from several aisles. All offices are east, south or west-oriented and look to the surrounding green space or landscaped courtyard. To the west the delivery and additional covered parking spaces are located.