project type construction of a healthcare supply center

location Vienna, AUT

architect Architects Collective

competition 2012

net floor area 14.116 m²

The Wilhelminen Hospital's new utility area with administrative building and heating station consists of three partly connected buildings in the upcoming southern located park-like hospital area. The utility area contains delivery with different kinds of storage (e.g. pallet, batch, and ground-level compartment incl. cross docking) as well as disposal. Clean utility supply, parts of the pharmacy and the medical technology department are located one level above. Building equipment and services, two-level parking, and facilities for the Automated Transport System (ATS) are placed in the lower levels. The administrative building contains conference and event areas and is located in the east. Its' low two-level base refers to the utility building, and provides the foundation for the 5 storey office complex, which symbolizes a new landmark for the hospital and the city as well. The storeys underground contain a central wardrobe, IT-facilities, archives, and building equipment. The heating station in the west is not interacting with the utility building in an urban way, but connected underground of course. Along the Flötzersteig, vertical plantations on the façade form a natural transition to the housing areas over the road.