project type construction of a hospital

location Oberwart, AUT

client KRAGES

architecture Architects Collective

competition 2015

gross floor area 49.000 m²

total costs € 128.000.000

The hospital Oberwart is in the southern part of the Burgenland and currently decrees about 350 beds. To guarantee an excellent medical, custodial and therapeutic supply and be prepared for future developments, a new building at this location is planned. Beside the typical branches of a standard clinic there are focuses on paediatrics, neurology, accident surgery and urology. The design tries to find a new way in organisation and circulation, breaks the common structures of a hospital and creates a human conformed, nice and friendly atmosphere. Goal is it to enable a pleasant and wholesome stay for patients, visitors and employees. Instead of a hospital the institution should act as a place of recovery. The new clinic brings nature to the patients and the building to the landscape. It is located at the edge to the woods and the grassland, is enclosed to the nature and has the landscape in it and on top. The building partly merges into the hillside situation and is built low on purpose. It consists of three main elements: the base zone, the level of public infrastructure and the bed-floors. The clearness of display of functional assignments creates a simple orientation and a clear circulation. At the same time it defines an urban border to the city and combines the contrasts by a clear appearance. This Border is defined in the base zone and makes the public character of the new clinic stronger.