project type construction of a children and youth hospital / 1st prize

location Freiburg, GER

client Province of Baden-Württemberg, Uniklinikum Freiburg

architecture Health Team Vienna (Architects Collective ZT-GmbH & Albert Wimmer ZT-GmbH

completion 2021

gross floor area 28.000 m²

project costs € 90.000.000

sustainability DGNB Platinum

The new Children and Youth Clinic is the flagship project of the University Hospital Freiburg in Germany. Client and jury lauded the design for its innovative spatial concepts, functionality and architectural quality. The focuses are on the perspective of the young patients and the various relationships between the interior and the surrounding landscape. The project will be designed and constructed according to the DGNB sustainability standard in Gold level.The new building will combine the currently distributed facilities and institutions in one central building. There are two horizontal layers: on the ground-floors you can find the ,,high-frequency’’-area with ambulance, day hospital, dialysis- and emergency-station. On the main floor one level above are the ,,middle frequency’’-areas with teach and research facilities as well as  clinical medical services. On the two upper floors the bed stations are located, the so called ,,low-frequency’’-areas, where the patients can find a variety of recreation rooms and encounter and interaction zones. As an additional institution the design plans a parental home just in the south-east of the clinic. Two big terraces on the main floor act as a continuation of the surrounding park, incorporate the planting and offer beautiful recreation zones. The green space consequently acts as an important part of the healing process.